Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We are returning to the Congo!!!

We are returning to the Congo!!!

We have been called to oversee the building for the new Kinshasa temple, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have many thousands and thousands of chapels around the world.  However, we have only 150 temples worldwide.  Our temples are very special, sacred beautiful buildings.  Each is a "House of the Lord".   It is a humbling honor to be asked to serve in this capacity.  As we are in a far away, under-developed location, there are no local architects or inspectors that can begin to produce the quality building that is important in constructing a temple.

This is an artist's rendition.  It is a special design for Africa, which is smaller and less elaborate than most other temples.  We will be one of the most beautiful buildings in Kinshasa, but we don't want to be ostentatious.  This design will be perfect.

Ed is to serve as the "eyes and ears" of the church, to make sure that the construction proceeds exactly as called for on the plans and specs ... and change orders ... probably many, many change orders.  After all, we are building in the Congo!  I am to be the Historian for the building of the temple.  I will be writing a book.  In addition to write-ups and photos of the construction,  I am to research the history of the church for the DR Congo and the surrounding countries, whose members will be using this temple upon it's completion.  It should be a marvelous experience for me.  At our training in Utah, I was shown two examples of history books from two other temples.  One was 450 pages, one was 500 pages.  I am more than a little humbled and overwhelmed. 

We have been told that our number one responsibility is to promote a spiritual atmosphere for the Congolese workers, as they build.  They told us we should learn each man's name (mostly unusual African names) and welcome them daily with a hug.  We are to remind each of them that they are an important "Child of God".  That sounded easy to me... smiles and hugs all around!

After we received our call, we went to Utah twice.  Once to be trained by the General Contractor and then we returned to be trained by the Special Project department in the Church Office Building. 

We were set apart by our Bishop in North Carolina, which means we were given a special blessing to have the Lord's Spirit with us as we serve in the DRCongo Mission for the third time.  These members of our family were with us to share this special occasion. 

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