Monday, November 3, 2014

The Bedrooms.... Before and After

The Bedrooms:

Before:  Notice that the waterline of the frequent flooding was up to the bottom of the top bunk.  The children would all huddle on the top bunks until the water receded.  These beds were built by missionaries a couple of years ago, which got the kids off of the floor.

We had four new beds built and bought new thick foam rubber mattresses with "leather-like" covers for all the beds.  We had Nilza (her husband works for the church) sew a cute kids fabric into huge "pillow case" mattress covers for sheets.  The big kids are made out of sturdy gingham sheets that Daine's had bought for their own bunk beds... and brought over from the US.  They were perfect.   There are also concrete floors throughout and shiny new paint.  When they showed me the one little light in the middle of each room turned on and off, they squealed with delight and jumped up and down cheering!

Originally the children  stored their meager belongings on the end of their beds or on a 3 legged chair at the end of the bed.  (The shoes on the left were our treasured gifts from Christmas, which are only used for church.) 

The Dains brought about 70 hooks from the United States.  Ed put the hooks on strips to be hung on the walls of the orphanage. 

I designed and ordered the perfect sized cabinets to hold the sturdy baskets that I found. 

Each child was  given their own basket with their name written on a strip of tape on the end.  They were excited to have the baskets, having no idea what they were for.
They were in awe when the shelves and the baskets were put into place.  (Note the hooks on the left.)  Teaching them that they had their own space, hopefully not to be disturbed by others, was a new and wonderful concept to all of them.  Every child now has 3 or 4 fairly nice outfits, and there is still room for their flip flops and papers and toys. 

It felt great!


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