Friday, August 22, 2014


Thank you to Westland International Construction!

Ed and Elder Sneddon discussed that something permanent should be done about making the water barrier more permanent to prevent the flooding.  Ed took our good friend Ryan to see the orphanage.   Ryan is here as the construction superintendent, for Westland International Construction, for the 2 chapels and will eventually supervise the temple.  Ed wanted to get his opinion to help figure out the best way to retain the water.   In this photo, Ryan is on the right.  Larry  (on the left) is the other superintendent with Westland, who has also helped a lot and become a special friend. 
Ryan was very touched and talked to Stan Houghton, the owner of Westland, who lives in Utah.  Westland Construction is also in charge of the church brickyard here in Kinshasa.  There are hundreds… or thousands… of bricks which were made up by hand.  Westland Construction ordered, and just received, a big block making machine from the United States… which makes much more uniform blocks than those made by hand.  They want to use the better blocks for the chapels here, so they decided they would donate the handmade blocks to the orphanage.  They also are generously supplying much of the other materials to build the water barrier wall to last for years to come.  Thanks to Stan and Ryan for making this project possible!

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