Monday, April 7, 2014


How does one write about something that is so special that it is hard to find the words to describe it.  I guess it seemed like such a great experience because it combined Africa, travel, Ed and the temple movie all wrapped up into three very special days. 

 We flew to the city Nairobi in Kenya and spent the night.  The next morning, on Saturday, March 29th  we took a small prop plane to the national park game reserve called The Masai Mara.  

The word “Masai” is the name of the tribe of people that live in the area.  The word “Mara” weans spotted.  Our small plane touched down in the middle of huge expanses of savannah, which is rolling land covered with a grass (which is green right now) and dotted with an occasional tree.  Thus the trees are the “spots”.

 We stayed at a safari camp called The Mara Intrepid, which sleeps 60 people.  It is considered “low season” and there were only 20 guests during our stay.   It is tucked in some trees on the river and in 3 days we never saw another camp.   It was a combination of excellent service, luxury tents and experiencing the wild (like hippos in the river right outside of our tent.  Our tent was right on the river with a big deck. 
It rained hard one night and it sounded like we had one of our grandchildren’s sound machines turned up as loud as possible on the Rushing River sound. 
Our "tents" were awesome!


 The camp was all inclusive.  The food was excellent and the game rides were amazing.  Each morning we got a wake up delivery of Hot Chocolate and cookies at 6:00 am.  The first game ride was from 6:30 to about 900.  Then we would return to the camp for a big breakfast and then go out again from 10:30 to  1:00.  The third game ride was in the afternoon from 3:30 to 6:30. 
At 7:00 each night they had a naturalist give a 30 minute talk on something about the animal life that surrounded us.  There was even an inexpensive masseuse in the camp, which we took advantage of.   This camp had come extremely highly recommended and we were never disappointed.


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