Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Lions!

We were still driving in our own car, and almost to our campground, when we saw another Matriarch Elephant with her baby set back in the trees.  We then rounded a corner and saw some stopped cars.  Then we saw 3 Lionesses stretched out on the side of the road.  They were just hanging out!  Most folks on safari have never seen such a thing!

We were blocking traffic so we had to keep moving. ( Now, we had been warned many times in the guide books, on signs, and by the rangers... Do  not roll down your windows if you are at all close to the wildlife.)  As we slowly pulled forward, Ed handed me the camera for me to take photos as we drove by them.   I carefully rolled the window down a few inches and focused the camera.  As we approached them… literally 4 feet away from the camera, Ed used the power window control on his side to lower my window all the way.  I nearly had a heart attack as I panicked and the camera bobbed up and back down.  These are my 3 photos of the lions. 

Yes folks... it is a bit blurry but I was this close to this lioness, with no window between us.  You can see she was surprised enough not to have time to react and attack me.  I survived without a heart attack.  Ed thought I was a big scaredy-cat.  FYI:  This is a great, close-up photo of a lion.  Maybe I could sell it to a guide book writer!

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