Monday, December 30, 2013

Transfer to Kananga!

Last week we received news that we are being transferred to a different area than we thought where we were being transferred. We are actually going to Kananga.

They really need us there because their are two chapels ready to start building with students. It is much more remote than the big city we live in now... and much more "African." There will be no hot water, no washer and dryer, no shower (there is something like a "tub"), sometimes no water, and only 6 hours of electricity per day, if at all! The only store is smaller than a 7-11 and only has local, African food.  I just found out that I will have to iron all our clothes - even the underwear - to make sure there were no bugs nesting in our damp clothes.

The good news is that we get to go together and experience living in the heart of the Congo. It is safe and has lots of good members of the church who really, really need chapels to meet in. I am a little nervous, but ok. But even with the butterflies I am feeling, I would say we are excited to be able to serve where the Lord needs us the most, and that seems to be in Kananga. All of a sudden the words "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord" have taken on a new meaning. Yikes!!!!

I keep thinking about Grandma Jim's Mom, (my great grandma) who sent her husband off to New Zealand on a mission, soon after they were married. He contracted a disease over there and died while serving. Grandpa Brown (my grandpa-my Mom's Dad) was called to England and left his beloved 7 month pregnant wife and his little daughter to go serve for 3 years. I am thankful I get to go with my sweetheart, Eddie Gates, and not be left at home. He is doing an amazing job!

We love and miss you all! Happy New Years... Life is Great in the Congo...

Love, Mom & Dad... Kriss & Ed ... "Elder & Sister Gates"

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