Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ryan's Accident

Early in the morning on Monday, September 9 we received the news that our beloved 29 year old Son-in-law, Ryan Conley, had been killed in an automobile accident.    We immediately flew back to California and went through the toughest week of our life.   He and our daughter, Tiffany, have been in love since she was 14.  They dated for 7 years and they were married for 7 years.   They had 2 darling daughters… Brooklyn who is four years old, and Zelda who is two.  And now he is gone.

“We are grateful for the gospel.” These words have taken on a new meaning as our souls have been rocked to the very core of our beings, with the grief we have borne. We are humbled as we have discovered what the atonement really means in our lives. Words cannot describe the depth of emotions we have experienced.

We love our Ryan and treasure the years that we have had with him on earth. We know "Families are Forever" and we know that we will have Ryan with us "throughout all eternity".

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