Sunday, July 14, 2013


Our wonderful mission president and his wife have completed their service and headed home to the United states. What a mixture of emotions they had! They first served here as a regular missionary couple, and worked with members and missionaries in the outlying areas of the mission field, like Ed and I did in Pointe Noire, on our first mission. They were called for 24 months, but after 18 months they were switched to being the mission president for another two years. Three and a half years of serving valiantly!!! I get tears as I write about them. Usually 2 years is the maximum to be here on a mission, even for the president, because it is considered a "hardship" mission. And now they are home enjoying their Grandchildren.

They are doubly special to us because they were serving as "President and President's Wife" when we left Pointe Noire, and now they have guided us through the first 2 months in Kinshasa. These are photos that we caught of them the last time they left the mission office together. The office is on the first floor of the building, and they would daily walk down the path to go into the lobby and catch the elevator up to the 4th floor where they lived, and served, and did their "mission magic".

We love you Jamesons.  Thanks for being great mentors!

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