Thursday, June 27, 2013

Well Dedication - part 2

I have just seen more of Ed's photos of the Well Dedication that are "well" worth posting.  Enjoy!

These show the neighbors preparing to get their water from the new well or improved spring collection area.  Mostly, families send their young daughters to go to get the water. 

They use everything that will hold water to transport it.  Since they don't read English, I can only hope that they washed out these Diesel Oil Containers before filling them with drinking water.

Notice how tiny they start sending them for water! 

This is the son of the main Chief of the area.  We got a kick out of his interesting outfit and his Nike shoes.

These are a couple of typical homes in the well neighborhood.  The walls are made out of cinderblock, there is a door, but they keep the door open most of the time, so they have a piece of material hanging in the doorway, to keep out the mosquitoes.  They have a tin roof with a little slope, so they can catch the runoff rain water in buckets.

This is a triplex for 3 families. 

These are some of the welcoming neighbors!

This little girl was overwhelmed with Ed's Moondelli skin. 

But when he told her to "Sourez" (Smile) she warmed right up to him.
 It was a great day with the Congolese!

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