Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Bonobos!

This week we had the opportunity to go on our first field trip.  We went to the Bonobo Reserve!  Bonobos are cousins to the chimpanzees, and they are supposed to be the smartest animal and they have the closest DNA to humans.  


This is the nursery for the young orphan bonobos. Their parents were killed by illegal hunters for bush meat. There are two women who stay with the children bonobos all the time, just to hug them and play with them. They even discipline them when they are naughty. It was a little weird to see how much they were treated as having human needs and emotions. ; .  .

Many of them are in the “Wild” and we got to watch them play in their own habitat.

Now this is an ant bed!


On the drive home we stopped at an old, old, old bakery and bought hot bread.  Very interesting!


One of the best things of the day was being in the country where we saw the local people living their sweet African lives… carrying their loads… and bathing and washing in the river. 

 Life is Great in the Congo!


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