Friday, November 18, 2011

October Fun-part 3

What great elders to come and help Elder & Sister Gates clean up the flood. Elder Gates hooked up a pump, so we could pump it down the road. Note Elder Mathui at the right with his umbrella. He looks so innocent, trying to stay dry.
However, he couldn't resist the temptation... "No, Elder... Don't even think about it..." said Elder Garner.

He not only thought about it... He did it...

And war was declared!

Of course, Elder Gates had to join in the action...

And then it was a free for all!

Screaming & Laughing, the neighbors thought we were crazy!

Now go for the other trouble maker...

Who stood like a defiant bull. It took 2 big elders to get him down. They did pause when Ed hollared "My pacemaker, my pacemaker"... and then when they remembered he doesn't have a pacemaker..

It was all over for the "Old Man"

What a fun break, in the middle of the work, cleaning up the flood!

Thanks for all your help Elders!

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  1. I love that dad is holding his make believe pace maker in the last picture! :)