Monday, June 27, 2011

An hour to kill with the Elders...

Recently we were invited to a Congolese Family Home Evening. The last time we went we were over an hour late because of horrible traffic. This time we left at 4:30 for a 6:00 appointment. There was no traffic, and we got there by 5:00. I figured it was rude for 8 elders and the 2 of us to show up an hour early, so I sent the boys over to play soccar with some neigborhood kids. The elders started playing with about 4 boys. Then the group of kids kept growing and the Elders just came alive. They played games, they sang old rock and roll songs in harmony, they told stories, they jumped, and then when it was 6:00, we all sang "I Am A Child of God" and said good-bye. It was sooooo much fun!


  1. Sweet!
    Your blog was featured today in the Mormon Times.
    I enjoyed reading this very much and the photos are priceless. May you be blessed in your mission, and know that you are doing an important work for the Lord! Sending love from Utah - MoSop

  2. Ah . . . the Congo
    Ah . . . the wonderful Elders
    God bless the coouples that serve in the Congo. Your experience is rich and you will never be the same. Great post and sooooo much fun to share in the experience