Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our 2nd trip to Dolisie-May 15, 2011

We headed off early on Saturday morning and did the drive through the mountains and jungle to Dolisie. We were taking the members the general conference tapes, Family Home Evening manuals and the sacrament. Best of all... we received permission to take Elder Pister and Elder Thompson with us. They started out being excited about a road trip and an adventure… but the highlight became the sweet innocent spirits of the members and the investigators who are hungry to have the gospel established here. We arrived in Dolisie about noon and went to Frere Jean Marc’s home. He informed us that since we left 5 weeks ago, they have met every Sunday morning at 9:00 to have a Sunday study time together. They always have at least 21 people attend. They used the 3 pamphlets as the discussion material for 3 weeks and then some information from Preach my Gospel, and other church materials that we had left them. There was lots of excitement about having the 2 missionaries with us for the weekend. Jean Marc told us that he had conference viewing set up for 2:00 and then he had a group of members that wanted to receive a lesson from the missionaries both on Saturday and Sunday. When we gathered at 2:00 we watched the Saturday morning conference there were about 20 of us in attendance. In the middle, we took the primary children out and gathered in a covered area and held primary. Elder Pister helped Sister Gates have primary with Sharing time, music and a lesson on How to say a prayer. After conference, we took the elders and 3 men over to the home of an investigating family to give the lesson. The family has 6 children (ages 1-16) and a grandma. .. for a total of 11 investigators, counting the children. All of them want to be baptized. (3 children are under 8 years old). We enjoyed the evening and early morning at the Grand Hotel. The elders loved the luxury... even though one slept on a lumpy rollaway and the other on a foam rubber slab on the floor. On Sunday morning we gathered with the members again to watch more conference and we watched the Sunday morning session where the prophet gave his main address. In the middle, we turned off the DVD. We sang a sacrament song and then partook of the sacrament. There were 34 people who took the sacrament. They were extremely appreciative. We took the primary children out again for primary and the others watched the 2nd half of the conference session. Elder Pister gave a primary lesson on “Love One Another” and then we taught them the song. Then they took a walk around the neighborhood looking for things to be grateful for. They started with about 10 children, but gathered up neighborhood children and finished up outside singing I am a Child of God and having a prayer with over 30 neighborhood children. Elder Pister and Elder Thompson did a great job of talking to many people about the gospel. Many people asked when the church would be coming to Dolisie? Like those who begged to be baptized, we had to tell them they had to wait. We assured them that the time was close, but we had to work out some logistics. Jean Marc and the other “elders” of Dolicie will be be looking for another place to meet. We literally couldn’t fit 3 of us in to watch conference. Jean Marc and his wife took us to the river to see if it would be ok for baptisms. It was a peaceful location... and evidently a favorite spot of those who lived in the area. They were very friendly and welcoming. It was just the right depth and flowing gently through that area. The trip home was an adventure of it's own! It was great to be with Elder Pister and Elder Thompson! What a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a great Sunday morning to wake up to THREE mom and dad posts! We love and miss you!

  2. I want this shared in the Ensign. Chuck, can you find out how to get a few of these sent to mormon times or to the Ensign. It makes me ever so much more grateful that all I have to do to partake of the sacrament is to go 2 blocks away and then tend 20 2 year olds for 2 hours. Thank you Kriss and Ed for being such amazing examples to all of us.

  3. This is so great! I am a future elder who will depart to the mtc on June 29th! I would love to get in contact with you and find out more about the DRC Kinshasa Mission!