Friday, May 27, 2011


Now for something happy! It is hard to say what is my favorite email, but this one ranks at the top. Tiffany sent this to us to announce that she was also pregnant. Tiffany and Ryan had a miscarriage, but quickly got pregnant again... so we are getting 3 new grandbabies this year. We may be on the other side of the world, but we didn't miss out on the action. We actually had a great "seat" this time with Mitzi & Mike's delivery. On Saint Patrick's day, this Irish couple brought little Cora Cameron McBride into the world. We were able to be with them on our Skype throughout her labor, and then for the final birthing, they switched off the camera and we were able to quietly listen to the actual birth and Mitzi and Mike's thrill at being new parents, and then the camera was turned back on! Oh, how we love modern technology. Just a few days later, Lani and Mike delivered their little girl... Hadley Addison Hock. Their hospital didn't have internet, but we were able to talk to them several times during their birthing experience. How cute are these 2 little miracles together. Lani and Mike have just moved back to North Carolina and live in the same ward as Mitzi and Mike... and these little girls will be great friends "for time and all eternity!" Oh, how we love the gospel! Tiffany and Ryan are due in August. Ed & I are old fashioned, and we don't know if it is a boy or girl... but we are excited to have our 18th grandchild join us!

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