Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dimanche in Dolisie! (Dimanche means Sunday)

Note: Read our first Dolisie entry before you read this entry. They were both written on Sunday evening... April 10th, 2011 When we first arrived in Dolisie we met Frere (Brother) Jean Marc and went to his humble home and met his darling family with 5 kids. Jean Marc is a High Priest who has served in a Branch Presidency. They moved to Dolisie 6 years ago for his work, and have been praying that the church would come to his family. He even contacted the Mission (12 hours away) and the closest stake president (8 hours away) and was told that they would let him know when the time was right. Since then, they have been waiting patiently for over 4 years, and today the time was right! Ed called the Mission president and got permission to have a sacrament meeting with them. We bought water, paper cups and a baguette for the bread & water. Frere Jean Marc was aware of a few other members of the church in Dolisie. When he heard we were coming, he called those members to meet at his home at 9:00 am, this morning. We were very excited, and thrilled at this opportunity, to help bring the church to these humble, wonderful people. To add to the emotion, we parked the car and started walking in. A young man on a motorized wheelchair/scooter, pulled up next to us. He was very excited to see that we were white and had on missionary tags. He smiled and kept pointing to himself and said “Je suis un membre de L’Eglise des Jesus Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours.” After shaking our hands, Ed helped him park the scooter off of the road. He jumped off his scooter and crawled into the meeting. It was very inspiring. Sacrament meeting was organized by Frere Jean Marc. He really knew what he was doing. He gave Ed a copy of a detailed agenda for the meeting. Ed presided and Frere Jean Marc conducted. It was a wonderful meeting with the sacrament and some sincere, humble, spiritual testimonies. There were 27 people in attendance, of which 6 were not members, but waiting to be baptized. After the meeting we gave every person who was there a new Book of Mormon, and they wrote their name and the date in the front of them. They were treasures to these good people! Ed promised to return in a month. Hopefully we will be able to set up a “group” at that time. We were thrilled to be a part of such a historical and spiritual gathering!


  1. Mom and dad, I am so glad you are there to be inspired to bring the gospel to these people who have been waiting for so long! This story is very inspiring!

  2. Wow, just... wow.
    What a opportunity to see the love Father in Heaven has for every child on this Earth.

    What do they need to organize a branch? And have baptisms?


  3. Love it! Simply LOVE IT! Send our love to the African Saints. -Lani