Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Current Brigade!

This is our group up until April 22nd... with our Mission President, Michael Headlee and his wife, Pam.
The third group are the elders that we have now, who have been here for only 6-17 weeks. We have learned that the work does go on… and the Lord did send us more Wonderful Guys! We are having a great time with this group.

Our present Elders include Elder Nash (From Kayesville)

& Elder Oulai (from Ivory Coast),
who were both transferred this past weekend to become District leaders in other countries. Our other elders in this group include... Elder Pister (Mr. Personality from Oregon),
Elder Hancock (a good athlete and almost as competitive as Ed)
Our Elder Thompson, with his permanant smile, from Kayesville, Utah

and now Elder Wilkins.

Our Zone leader is Elder Kapelli (DRC),
and our district leader is Elder Tamumbanda (DRC).

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