Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mom and Dad’s relationship

My parents have worked together for about 30 years. Before their mission they spent a lot of time together. Mom said when the first came out they had some things to work out. From what I can see they are great! I can’t help but look at my relationship with Wayne and wonder, can I do this? Seeing how well Mom and Dad work together and how happy they are makes me think, I don’t know if I can do this, but I sure want to try. On this trip, at one time I was talking to Mom about Grandma and Grandpa. When I see Grandpa look at Grandma, I KNOW what love is. I can see it in his face and entire being. He loves her. Movies and poets can try and explain or recreate love, but it is nothing compared to my Grandpa with Grandma. I can see that Mom and Dad are having this great experience together and growing so close. I can see this same love developing in their lives. It is funny as they both ran successful businesses before their mission. However, their organization stills have been better. For example, on our first day we went to go pay the internet bill. No one takes visa and hardly ever do they take checks. Remember to run an errand is not a quick process. The traffic is crazy and the roads are an experience. We stopped in front of the internet place and Dad said, “Mom you got money?” No, she didn’t, and Dad didn’t have enough. This was not an unplanned stop. This was the main reason why we were going out and about at that time. Don’t worry too much, Dad went in and charmed the lady. Dad told her the next time he was by there that he would give her the rest. The next time we were there to pay her the rest she wouldn’t take it. We aren’t quite sure what happened as again, the language is a bit of a barrier. I guess Dad’s charm speaks all languages. Back to Mom and Dad’s relationship: It is as if it has a new dimension. It is as if they were a regular TV and now they are in High Definition. It is just something that is a bit purer and better, not that anything was wrong with the old way. I don’t know if I am explaining this right, just know that I hope to be able to grow together with my husband as I have seen Mom and Dad.

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