Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think the kitchen sink is in there somewhere!

Hello family and friends! As many of you know, I am going to visit my parents in the Congo. I felt that this was a great place to post some of the experiences I have had getting ready for this trip.

I talked to both Jean and Sue about joining me but once I told Jean, “I will let you know what shots you need,” she responded, “I’m out!” Sue had a few other things going on including her wonderful hubby's passing. Love you Sue and miss you Mike.

When I first started talking about going, I wanted to surprise them. I  emailed their Mission President's wife and asked if it was a feasible thing to surprise them. She told me that it was feasible but what would better than the surprise value would be the things I could bring in my bags. Boy was she right.

I ended up telling my parents (or should I say confirming to my parents as my wonderful brother Chuck let the cat out of the bag early) on Christmas morning that I would be joining them for a week in the Congo. I told them that I would be bringing 2 bags of 50 pounds each that they could tell me what to fill it with. I told them that I would not be able to bring more than the 2 bags as I am flying standby and I might need to have my bags with me if I don’t get on a flight, so it needed to be something I could feasibly carry.

The immediate response from Mom and Dad was “Walnuts and Peanut M&M’s.” Batteries were quickly added to the list. Then, 2 Elders on their mission got their cameras stolen, so I was asked to bring those. Then Dad decided he needed a new computer….and what about this and that or the other?

As today is my last day before I leave, I thought it would be fun to list here on their blog what I am packing. It has been funny to go through every item and think, “How much does this weigh?” You would be surprised that 2 tubes of toothpaste weigh over one pound.

Here is the final list in no particular order however the bottom items were added in the past 2 days:


Morton's nature's seasoning

Lawry's seasoning salt

Med mustard

15 fruit punch kool aid

3 boxes individual Chrystal light

12 big raspberry jello

Maybelline define a lash mascara

4 bottles of mint flavoring

2 bottles of mapleine

1 red food coloring

Shout sticks blue with orange scrubber

Dark chocolate powder

Garlic Salt

Ipod Home base (base)

3 AA batteries packs-COPPER TOP!!!!

2 pkg walnuts

2 large bags of peanut M&M

1 large bag of regular M&M

2 pkg chocolate chips

1 dress shirt long sleeve, no iron 15 1/2-34

6 pairs of costco men's reading glasses 275 or 250

2 Crest toothpaste

Green and yellow sponges

Zip lock gallon

Zip lock quart

Mash Season 3, 8-11

Small French/English Dictionary


Kitchen Timer

Visor mirror


Estee Lauder White Linen body powder 4.25

Estee Lauder White Linen Perfume - big size

Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus (black & gold case)

4 HP #21 black

Mac Makeup


Camera (2)

Home Depot stuff that Dad asked Wayne to get (one is actually called "Sink")

Camera case


Spaghetti spoon

Socks for mom

Sard stock

Pencil sharpener

Post-it notes

Paper cutter

Fanny pack (time machine not available)

Cotton shirts

Computer case

Cupcake papers


Any movies that you think we might like (this was added last night)

As i have ordered much of the list online, my UPS guy knows my name now. I will update you on my trip when I get there! I am so excited and a tiny bit nervous…Good Times!

Location : 625 Brighton Dr, Richmond, VA 23235,
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  1. how exciting! Thanks for posting about all that stuff you are taking to your parents! Keep us posted on the visit!