Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally… Packages from Home!!!

After 2 months of checking the post office box, we got 2 packages in the same day. Mitzi’s had been here for a month, but they misread the PO Box number. Carrie Collins also sent us a box and it was as exciting as Christmas!

Mitzi sent us and our elders hooks to go over the bathroom doors so our towels can air out and dry. She also sent some luxuries that we have been missing… Hershey’s Cocoa, Country Time Lemonade powder, Shout stick with a scrubby on the end, Flavor Ade Popsicles and WALNUTS!

A highlight was Carrie’s detailed letter. It was so fun to hear about the Collins and our own kids in detail. We even know the names of Cheryl’s cats they were fostering… we wonder if she kept them...?? The best thing about the package is knowing that it is possible to get things, if we are patient. Thanks again!

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