Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Members in Pointe Noire

We love our new members! This is a sweet lady that Ed had the opportunity to give a "special" interview before her baptism. This means that there has been a transgression in her past that requires the the Stake President or District President to interview them to make sure they are prepared to make the baptism covenant. (Dad is the acting representative of the Mission President, who is also the District President.) After the interview, the missionaries asked her who she would like to baptize her. She said "Him" and pointed to Dad. He had to memorize the prayer in French, and did a good job.

This is us at one of her followup lessons after she was baptized. She is a wonderful woman and we are very proud of her. Her home is humble, but very clean... and their yard is spotless, with raked dirt.
These are some of the people that we have seen baptized since we have been here. I make a poster with each of their pictures, so the ward members can get to know them. We hang it up at the ward.
These are photos of our first 4 baptisms. We have them posted on our glass patio door. It is fun to see how strong some of them are. One of the 3 brothers, Tecle spoke at sacrament meeting today and did a great job, after only being a member for a month!