Thursday, September 2, 2010

Helping Hands in Africa - Pointe Noire Branch

Our 2nd Helping Hands was held on August 21st, with the Pointe Noire Branch. The good man in the long sleeve white shirt is President DeCuise. He is the branch president. He came from work and didn't bring other clothes. We think it was his first time doing "Helping Hands" and had no idea what a dirty job it would be. I can assure you that he took lots of teasing from Eddie Gates...
The Pointe Noire Branch decided to tackle cleaning up the garbage and debris along a 2 mile stretch of road in the Grand Marche area. We spent 3 hours walking along the streets, picking up all the garbage on both sides of the streets. It was a hot, sweaty job... but everyone had a great spirit of service and enjoyed working together to get something accomplished. The streets we cleaned looked great. It was interesting how many people asked why we were doing the pick-up. When we answered we were just trying to help clean up Pointe Noire, they were fascinated.

The next few pictures are of us enjoying the work!

(Inserted by Ed) If any of you who are reading this... especially my son-in-laws... want a striped outfit like the one above, let me know. I can get you a good deal on it.
These are some of our cute Young Women...
And these are some of our great Relief Society Women...
(Now you need to know that I have never taken a digital video. However, when I was with these women who were sweaty and working hard... and enjoying lifle... I said to myself... "You are a very clever woman and can figure out how to take a video." So I did. Thus, I kept checking it to see if it was working... and therefore the crazy views.
After the project, Ed climbed up on top of the truck to take a photo of everyone.
It was a great morning for all of us. When I got home I stood under my hot shower and thanked Heavenly Father for lots of hot water and a tiled shower. Most of this group went home to their sweet homes and had a bucket bath... because they don't have showers or tubs or bathrooms. Oh, I am growing up and learning so much!


  1. Mom, the video followed by you being grateful for a shower tub put me over the top with joy and my eyes MIGHT have even over flowed to prove it! We love you!

  2. FYI...For the top photo, I had to use the map one from the MTC b/c I have not seen any other photos of you and dad together...Just a thought...maybe next time you are taking photos, have someone take a photo of the two of you together. I thought about doing a group shot, but you are not standing next to each other in the group shots.

  3. Oh I absolutely love that song! Prior to my mission, I had never heard it in English, but ever since hearing it in Spanish it is one of my favorites. It sounds great in French too!

    "Hark hark hark tis children's voices!"