Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teaching Charline

Probably the highlight of the week was going to Charline’s home with the elders to teach her the last lesson before she would be baptized on Saturday. She is a darling 16 year-old girl. She was very friendly to me at our first activity. The next week on Sunday, I teased her about wearing pants and told her she should wear a skirt to church. Our interpreter, one of our elders said “Sister Gates, she is an investigator.” I had him tell her that she could be an example to the other girls in young women to wear a dress. (The Mission President’s wife told me that I need to encourage the women and girls to wear dresses.) Anyway, she took it very well and has worn a dress each time. She was baptized on Saturday Aug 7.

I wrote her a type-written letter, and had an elder translate it into French. Then I read it to her before she was baptized. We gave her a little CTR ring that we had brought with us and she was thrilled with it. We shall see what the future brings for her. When I see where she lives and what her situation is, I don’t know if she will have the strength to really be the church leader that she has the potential to be. She hadn’t been to Young Women’s previously. When I asked why, she said she couldn’t go because she wasn’t baptized yet. Hopefully, she will now get the blessings of attending Young Women.

Oh… how blessed we are to have born in America… and how blessed we are to be able to have had this experience and look at the world through “African eyes”, for the rest of our lives. Love to all of you! WE have to get busy… we only have 17 months left, and there is soooo much to do!

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