Sunday, August 1, 2010

A must-read from Elder Eric Palmer

Chuck here, providing a must-read tip. I recommend the blog of Elder Eric Palmer to get a taste of the perspective of the young missionaries serving with Mom and Dad. He has talked of Elder and Sister Gates a few times, but his email of July 28th was especially hilarious about my dad talking trash on the basketball court. It sounds like the Elders really like having Mom and Dad there.
Dad shooting over the Elders
Sister Gates helping the Elders clean their apartment
Photo of Elder and Sister Gates
(all photos courtesy of Elder Palmer's blog) 

I believe Elder Palmer is from Virginia, but I don't know where. Mom and Dad, let us know if his family lives near Richmond.


  1. That was so great!!! Thanks for sharing the link with us. For those of you that don't have time to read it all, hit Ctrl F and type in Gates to show all the times he talks about mom and dad. But I enjoyed reading some of his other stuff too. It was fun to hear the elder's perspective of mom and dad.

  2. FROM THE PALMERS: Chuck, in response to your comments on Elder Palmer's blog, we do indeed live in the Richmond area. We attend the Innsbrook Ward in the Richmond Virginia Stake (the Bon Air Ward's Stake before the Midlothian Stake was established). Drop a line to and perhaps we can arrange a time to chat.

    We're delighted and very grateful that the Gates are in Pointe Noire to help keep an eye on Eric and the other missionaries.