Thursday, July 1, 2010

More shots!

(written by Ed)

Yesterday, we went for MORE shots! We thought we had all the shots we needed. However, the church wants to make sure we are safe so, Kriss had to have another Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B shot. I (Ed) had to have 3 more shots. When we went in I thought he would go first but Kriss got over to the nurse first. The nurse gave Mom her 1st one. As I watched her, she seemed to be in a lot of pain. Then the nurse asked her which arm she wanted to get the tetanus shot, which as you know, that one really hurts. As I watched her get this shot, I thought mom was going to pass out. She was really in pain.

After getting her 2 shots the nurse said that she would give her 3 shot in the other arm. Kriss said, "Three shots? What do you mean three shots? I only get two. Two shots, not three." I thought Mom was going to really pass out now. I jumped up saying the same thing. The nurse insisted that she was to get 3 as she looked at the paper. I went over and looked for myself and sure enough the paper said 3, but the name on the paper was mine.

"I think you just gave her my shots!" She had! But mom now needed the 2nd one of the 2 she needed for a grand total of 3. The nurse then say's to Kriss, "Its OK, I won't charge you for the 3rd shot." If looks could Kill. So mom say's I think I will go look for a rusty nail to step on.

By the way I was laughing very hard the whole time. You really needed to be there.

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