Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of Laughs at the MTC

We have had lots of good laughs. On the 2nd morning here, Ed got dressed in his suit and went to put on his black shoes that he had brought here from Pam's to the dorm. This photo shows that we had a problem with them. Pam saved the day and brought over the matches to the 2 shoes and some macaroons to tide us over in our dorm room.

Ed also forgot to bring his exercise clothes over from Pam's house, so he bought some new shorts and an MTC shirt. He was just glad there was a pair that didn't say BYU on them.


  1. I sooooo wish there had been only BYU shirts!
    But the MTC shirt is very cool... but BYU would have been so much better!!

  2. I had noticed the MTC shirt in the photo in front of the temple before I read this post. I loved the shirt! Chuck…add that to one of the items I want from the trust! Pam how cute r u to be their personal assistant/shopper…bringing macaroons!