Sunday, June 13, 2010


We are very excited... Congo here we come! We finished packing inside the house yesterday. We hope to finish the garage and laundry room tomorrow. Big Job but it feels great to get things organized. We are so on a roll. The DI has been here 3 times and is coming again on Wednesday. Our goal is to be ready to leave before we go to bed on Wednesday... and then go on a relaxing trip for a week.

These pictures are of our last weekend together. (I stole these great pictures from Chuck's blog-Thanks honey.) The top left is the kids washing their feet at their own foot party after the corn roast. The upper right is a funny picture that we found that I had made into a poster years ago. The lower left is a photo of the kids going through all their special memory boxes from High School... and the last is a fun shot of us at the corn roast. (Except our cute Ashley and Mike McBride and Hawk, who were greatly missed.)

Actually Char and Tiffany are teaching us to blog, so this is our trial. Stay tuned for the real updates.


  1. This is so great!! We are so excited to read more!! Keep the info coming! Oh man! What are you giving to DI....I so wish I could get that player piano from you!

  2. Great Post. It will be great to follow you through the next 18 months and throughout the Congo. Please post often.