Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farewell Corn Roast (as told by Lani)

The weekend of May 23 Houston and I headed down to my parents' mission farewell. It was a perfect weekend. It was so fun to be together, all 6 of us siblings and our parents. We missed not having all of the in-laws there but still had a lot of fun together.

It is still kind of a new thing to me to hang out with all my siblings as adults. It is fun to get together because there is still a youthful playfulness that comes out when we are all together that I hope and think will always be there. (Bottom left- Us waiting for Charise to return from the bathroom waiting for family pictures. We decided to take a pic without her and in a random moment of goofy decided to make her more mad by acknowledging she wasn't there by signing her name. Houst and I were assigned to be the exclamation mark).
We arrived Saturday afternoon and headed to a corn roast shortly after. Corn roasts have become a tradition to go along with any big celebration in our family. Always at Balboa between A and B street with a WHOLE lot of corn cooked using the ocean water. YUM-MY!

Houst quickly acclimated to all the cousins around and barely noticed that he spent the full three hours with very little mommy time. He was perfectly content with the sand, the toys, the balls, and the cousins happy to follow him as he explored anything he could find.
After a wonderful evening at the beach with family and friends, we headed home to sleep. We had a foot washing party (upper right) in mom and dad's bath tub- notice Amy did not join- she does not participate in anything dealing with feet. It was a gorgeous night at the beach and it made me miss Southern California sunsets (upper left). We missed Michael a lot but it was fun to see Houston bonding with other "dad"-like figures like Uncle Chuck (bottom right) and Uncle Wayne.

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  1. The funny thing about this day is that Mom wanted Pam to go around town to find shirts that had the Greece. With the craziness of the day, as you all can imagine, it didn’t happen. Hooray for that!