Monday, April 7, 2014


There were many different types of Antelopes grazing.  We saw more of them than anything else.  We got so we were able to identify the differences by their coloring and their size and their horns. 

The Impalas

The Heart-A-Beast (note the heart shape in the horns)

The largest antelope… (I Can't remember the name)

And others!

One morning we saw a two different interactions which were fascinating to watch. 

First we saw a herd of females with one buck.  This is how they usually travel.  As we watched, the buck decided he wanted to mate with a specific one of the does.  As he approached her, she bolted and started to run through the trees.  She zig-zagged through and around the trees several times and he ran after her.  There were probably another 25 females, all around them, but he was not interested in any of them.  He was determined to have the one he was looking for.  He jumped on her once, and she got away.  They finally disappeared into the trees, and then a minute later came walking out calmly.  The guide said she was just “teasing” him. It made me glad I have some say-so about that portion of my life…

About an hour later we ran into another herd of impalas. 

Again, there were about 30 females and one male buck.  About 100 feet away there was a group of about 8 “bachelors” looking for a herd to take over.   One particular bachelor had decided he wanted to challenge the “old guy”, but the “old guy” was determined to hold on to his herd and defend it. 

Even after the bachelor returned to his buddies, the Buck keeps vigilant watch.

They keep a herd for about 7 days, and then they usually wear out and one of the bachelors come in and take over.






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