Monday, June 17, 2013

The Miracle of the Congolese Driver's License...

Ok... I have a special story that happened a couple of weeks ago. 5 weeks ago, Ed was given his Congolese driver’s license the night we arrived.

We had to apply for it 2 months before we came. The office staff have repeatedly warned us how very important it is that he have the license with him at all times, when he is out and about. Well…. haven’t been able to find it since that first day. I was starting to get very concerned about it.

During the night I woke up twice and lay in bed and prayed fervently that I would be able to find Ed’s driver's license. Then I woke up this morning and went out into the living room. I looked on all the flat areas and between all of our books on the bookshelf. Then I went to my files and went through each of them. I didn't find it. Ed has been through all his pockets, brief case, drawers etc. We finally quit looking and decided to move on.

We received word from the Landlord that they are putting in a new generator today for our building and that we won't have power from 9:00 AM until 5:00 pm. We reviewed what we would eat, without power. Then I was hit with a powerful thought that the water might not work if the pump uses electricity. I felt a strong impression that I should fill up a bucket with water so we would have it if we needed it. In our laundry room I have a bucket on the floor. It is big enough that I put a waste paper basket inside of it, to save a little room. I pulled the waste paper basket out of the bucket and walked toward the bathroom to fill the bucket. As I looked into the bucket.... there was Ed's Congolese Driver's License!!!!! I might not have ever have found it, because it is the only time we have used the bucket since we have been here. The bucket was under where I hang his pants up to dry, out of the dryer. Ed thinks he stuck it in his work pants early the morning after we arrived, and went to work. After I washed the pants and hung them up on a hanger in the laundry room, the pants must have dried and the license slipped out (gravity) into the bucket. That night I put the waste paper basket inside of the bucket, when I was trying to make a little more room on the floor of the laundry room, not noticing that there was something in the bottom of the bucket. Now I ask you... Is this a coincidence? No way! It was a huge missionary blessing for something little, but very, very important. I am grateful that I have learned to listen to the still small voice, even if it something as simple as "fill a bucket with water."

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  1. Hi Grammy and Papa, I feel like Heavenly Father is blessing you. I am happy that you were able to find Papa's driver's license. Good luck at building the people to build so that they can build a temple and then they will get so many more temple blessings.
    Love, Brighton